Cybernetic dream
in the Manege
Cybernetic dream
in the Manege
In the NEW NATURE project, Recycle Group analyzed the transformation of personality under the influence of modern technology, addressing the interaction between humans and machines and researching the possibility of telepathy between them.
Artists Andrey Blokhin and Georgy Kuznetsov have been recognized as winners of the Kandinsky prize, and were participants in the exhibition of the Russian pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art. In their exhibition in St. Petersburg they studied the cultural and visual codes of the world of Homo Virtualis, where citation indexes, engagements rates, and number of likes and views are specially prized, where virtual reality is replacing religion and winning ever more adherents over to its side.
Recycle Group’s solo exhibition at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall
This website is the virtual dimension of the NEW NATURE exhibition that took place at Manege Central Exhibition Hall from July to October 2021. The platform will introduce you to the project and help you immerse yourself into the futuristic world of Recycle Group.
We encounter the great Nothing, an ideally empty space that contains within itself everything that can exist and that is necessary for eternal virtual life. We learn about the ideas of digital cleanliness and environmentalism. We get answers to our questions about the digital prophet, who knows everything about us. We have an even deeper experience of being bodiless, and the promises of virtual eternity become even clearer. We also uncover the system’s biggest fear – being unplugged and without any lines of communication.
This project invites us to simultaneously experience both the terrifying and attractive aspects of experiencing yourself in a cybernetic dream, where technology is not seen in the context of development and progress. It is only a means of connecting to the global mental space, which, thanks to the huge number of times it has been accessed, has become sacred. The Recycle Group’s exhibition is a futuristic contemplation of the new, enormously powerful technological systems and of the place of living things within them.
Here there is no conflict between the natural and the technological: the elements of nature are revealed by an algorithm that manifests itself while remaining invisible – as a thought, a spirit, knowledge. What occurs here is the transformation of matter: the organic world and humans are given the ability to live a full, virtual life. Here, the person, analysing the neural network of the environment, becomes aware of the new spirituality and ethics of the relationship between human and machine.
In this project we journey from one cybernised landscape to the next.
The exhibition New Nature opens up a new portal into a world permeated with code.
2) Download the Recycle Group application.
Using the Recycle Group app, visitors were able to interact with some of the exhibits at the Manege exhibition. But it will also come in handy for future projects by the artists. Using the app, you can discover the hidden meanings in Recycle Group’s works and access exhibit labels, descriptions, and augmented reality.

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3) Download a 3D tour of the exhibition

We offer you a new way to interact with the exhibition and the art space.
1) Use our website
This website is the virtual dimension of the exhibition and your main portal into the futuristic world of Recycle Group. What inspired the artists? What codes are hidden in their art? What happened at Manege during the exhibition?

Hall layout
1st floor
2nd floor
2. Point. 2018

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35.1-35.4 Live objects. 2018

34. Probability. 2021

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16. Ошибка сохранения. 2021
Saving Error. 2021

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32. Way. 2008

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31. Hidden folder

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28. Enlightener 6. 2014–2015

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30. Enlightener 8. 2014–2015

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20. Enlightener 12. Diptych. 2015

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25. No image source. 2021

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22. Skipping stone on the Y-axis. 2021

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23. Artificial Dirt. 2021

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24. User. Diptych. 2021

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18. Gateway. 2012

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21. System Responses. 2018

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14. Sarcophagus 1. 2017

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17. Cup. 2021

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1. Closed systems. 2021

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3. System Responses. 2021

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4. NUll. 2021

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5. Cropped Area. 2021

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6. Presence. 2021

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7. Choose all squares with a little pony. 2018

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8. Verification code 1. 2018

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11. Open Source Code

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12. Compression. 2021

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13.Container. Meditation. 2017
Контейнер. Медитация. 2017

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15. Sarcophagus. 2020

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19. Cloister. 2021

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26. Noah’s Ark detail 1. 2015

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27. Noah’s Ark detail 2. 2015

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39. Sculptures from the Blocked Content project. 2017

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10.1. Enter Verification Code, 2018

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Column, 2015

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9. Enter the Symbols You See Above, 2018

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31.4. Human Template. Facebookian. 2017

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40. Garden of Diverging Stones. 2020

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41. Null island. 2021

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42. Null island. 2021

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43. Geolocation. 2021

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44. Forest of Expired Links. 2021

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46. It doesn’t exist. 2018

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45. Presence. 2021

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47. Forest of Expired Links. Detail 1. 2021

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48. Forest of Expired Links. Detail 2. 2021

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Show works at the exhibition
Recycle Universe
The NEW NATURE exhibition also included a supplemental educational program. The main themes it touched on were post-internet art, the influence of digital technology on the work of modern writers, the transformation of personality and the material environment in the era of virtual reality, global changes to the environment and climate, and innovation in the sphere of science and medicine.

More than 20 scientists involved in IT, genomic medicine, robotics, neurobiology, psychology, physics, chemistry, and other sciences shared their knowledge about key scientific ideas of modernity and about their own research. Those in the creative professions discussed movements in contemporary art in which works are created with the help of modern technology, materials, and new means of expression based on scientific methods.

Below you will find a list of our events.

Educational program
Past lectures

Public talk by the artists of Recycle Group devoted to the opening of their solo exhibition "New Nature"

Andrey Blokhin and Georgy Kuznetsov
Recycle Group. Intellectual Ecology

Alexandra Danilova
Manege on the topic Neurogadgets of Today and Tomorrow

Timofey Glinin
lecture at Manege on the possibility of being In Space in School

Aleksandr Khokhlov
The Imminence of Immortality by Mikhail Batin

Svetlana Bozrova, Victoria Chernikovich and Mikhail Batin
Sustainable development and contemporary art

Adel Kim, Albina Motor, Andrey Anisimov
The future – people, robots, or forces of nature: are we worried about the right things?

Yanina Ledovaya
"Mobilis in mobile": mobile communications of a modern nomad

Olga Brednikova
Art & Science: the boundaries of modeling

Dmitry Bulatov
Genomic medicine: new vectors of development

Andrey Glotov
How to write a popular science book?

Asya Kazantseva
Opus ex machina

Ivan Yamshchikov
Myths about separate waste collection

Ekaterina Alekseeva, Anastasia Kuvshinova, Karina Sidun
Man is machine? Metaphor struggle in the history of science

Vyacheslav Gerovich
Overcoming Immortality: Challenges of the Ural
Industrial Biennale

Alisa Prudnikova
What is happening with
the climate and what we can expect in the 21st century

Aleksey Yekaykin
The 21st century as a test
for human civilization

Tatyana Chernigovskaya
The golden age and the digital concentration camp

Yekaterina Shulman
From the future to the past:
homo invisibilis
to Australopithecus afarensis

Anatoly Zaytsev
Medicine and evolution

Mikhail Gelfand
We can live with that.
Square meters of the future

Yekaterina Maleyevа,
Karl Samuel'sson,
Lyubov' Chernysheva
Followership vs. Spectatorship: Two Regimes of the Contemporary Image

Boris Groys
Exhibition organisers
Manege Central Exhibition Hall
Recycle Group

Manege would like to express its deepest gratitude for participating in the project to:
Triumph Gallery, Suzanne Tarasieve Paris, Gazelli Art House, and Richard Taittinger Gallery, in particular Denis Himilyayne, Vera and Aleksey Priyma, Igor Sukhanov, Dmitry Khankin, Yemelyan Zakharov, Vladimir Amelin, and Natalya Korchagina.

And also thanks the Private Patrons for their sincere and active support for the cultural and educational initiatives of the exhibition hall, the intention to keep the Manege's aspiration for the future as an intermediary in the process of introducing the audience to contemporary art and the global artistic context
Mikhail Bazhenov, Vadim Korsakov, Dimtriy Ozersky, Elena Plakhty, Petr Rodionov, Vasily Tolstikov, Vladimir Khrabrikh.

Exhibition team
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Deputy Director for Safety: Yury Samoylov
Director’s Advisor on International Cooperation: Anna Kirikova

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Educational programme
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Irina Levashova
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Partners in Manege’s publishing programme
Yury Saulidi
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